About Chase Receivables

Company Overview 

Chase Receivables originated as a collection agency in 1953 as the Credit Bureau of Napa County, Inc. located in Sonoma, California. In 1986, Fred Merrill purchased the Credit Bureau of Napa County and transformed the company into the DBA Chase Receivables. This acquisition allowed Chase Receivables to conduct business nationwide, not as a mere regional collection agency.

Today, Chase Receivables is a collection agency with a national presence. It is a California corporation and is fully licensed and bonded.

Chase Receivables prides itself on maintaining our reputation as an industry leader. Over the years, we have consistently been ranked as a top performer in the Financial Services industry. Furthermore, Chase Receivables has an extensive history and expertise in the Health Care industry, providing recovery services to all ranges of the medical field, from large hospitals to single physician practices to nursing homes to diagnostic centers.

To maintain our reputation as an industry leader, our recovery specialists are trained to take a professional and sensitive approach to the collection process. They are instructed to treat each and every account with compassion and respect, while maintaining our clients’ integrity and interest. Our goal is to be a gentle reminder to the delinquent customer; we want to work with the customer to resolve their outstanding debt, while serving as ambassadors of our clients. To ensure that we fully satisfy the needs of both the customer and our clients, we offer a bilingual collection staff so that we may communicate with the customer in the most effective manner. To accomplish all of this, Chase Receivables has implemented an extensive training program to ensure our strict compliance with all state and federal laws governing our industry.

Collection accounts are worked with a multi-media process that includes letters, IVR calls, and live agent calls. Our recovery specialists are trained to verify all contacts as the correct party. The collection process is stopped with any customer dispute in order to fully investigate and confirm the debt. To allow the customer to quickly resolve their outstanding balance, Chase Receivables accepts all forms of payments – checks and money orders, credit and debit cards, web site payments, express payments, wire transfers, and post-dated debit/credit card payments and checks.

Chase Receivables focuses on our clients as well as their customers. Our Client Services Department consists of dedicated team members who are extensively trained in maintaining and building relationships with our clients. Their main commitment is to provide top quality service and develop strong client relationships. Our success depends on keeping the lines of communication open at all times with our clients. The Client Services Department is focused on responding directly and promptly to client requests and becoming a valued client resource.