Chase Receivables is proud that our recovery specialists are trained across a broad spectrum of industries. Below is a sampling of the industries in which our recovery specialists excel at resolving outstanding balances.

Health Care

Anesthesia and Pain Management, Physician and Multi-Specialty Group Practices, Hospital Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency Room; Radiology and MRI, Clinical and Pathology Laboratories


Wireless, Landline, Voip

Financial Services

Consumer Bank Card, Private Label, Auto Loans, Debt Buyer


 Natural Gas and Electric, Propane, and Oil Companies

Memberships and Direct Mail

 Health and Fitness, Martial Arts and Yoga Facilities, Specialty Clubs, Book Club and Magazine Subscriptions, Newsletters, Continuity Clubs or Programs


All business to business defaults

Student Loan

University, College

Credit Unions


Other Distinct Areas of Expertise

Small Balance Portfolios