Here at Chase Receivables, we recognize that every client is not the same. We understand that every industry has a different way to handle account receivables. Our recovery specialists are thoroughly trained across a broad spectrum of recovery processes and procedures.  They know that each and every account must be approached individually and tailored for the industry, e.g., that a bank card account must be treated differently than a healthcare account or a utilities account. We offer a variety of customizable services to fit your specific needs, including the following:

  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Collections
  • Early Stage Receivables Management
  • Low Dollar Receivables Management Program
  • Day-One Self-Pay Outsourcing
  • Patient Budget Plan Cure Programs
  • First and Third Party Pre-Collection Programs
  • Early Payment Plan Discount Campaigns
  • Liquidation Optimization Program

We also offer a variety of services which are standard operating procedures for Chase Receivables and are provided across the board to all clients as a courtesy.

Skip Tracing

Accounts designated as “Skip” are targeted for automated skip tracing. Portfolio-specific skip tracing strategies are assigned based exclusively on balance or account score and balance. This allows virtually all accounts to receive a form of skip tracing treatment. In most cases, accounts are sent to multiple data suppliers in search of updated contact information.

Address Management

Chase Receivables’ Address Management process enables us to “scrub” name and address data and identify debtors protected under bankruptcy prior to processing each letter request. Address Management:

  • Updates the address when “move” information, including the forwarding address, is identified
  • Suspends letter requests that have insufficient/inaccurate address information and where a move is identified but no forwarding address is available
  • Suspends letter requests where qualifying bankruptcy information associated with the debtor is identified


When necessary, Chase Receivables will utilize legal services in order to recover an outstanding balance. Prior to recommending litigation, our office reviews several aspects of the account to determine whether it meets our extensive legal criteria. We utilize a combination on internal and external legal staff in order to ensure the proper handling of the account and to guarantee strict adherence with all state and federal laws.

Credit Reporting

Chase Receivables can and will report delinquent accounts to all of the major credit services. Chase will update these reports as payments or payoffs accrue.

Collector Assessment

Chase Receivables monitors collector telephone calls regularly as part of its training and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act assurance compliance program.